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In technical terms, Maryland Crab Soup could be described as a sort of beef broth-and-roasted- tomato-based gumbo containing steamed blue crab (usually claw meat and whole claws) and whichever of the following you have on hand: green beans,...

On the often monochromatic Thanksgiving tablescape of taupe turkey, white potatoes, and beige gravy, the green bean casserole offers at least the suggestion of greenery. This vestige of vegetal matter is traditionally composed of canned, heavily salted, and overcooked...

" I think these competitions channel some of that energy into something that is fun and creative and celebratory and community-minded, rather than I just beat out that asshole for promotion-minded."

Martine Richards, host of the annual Baltimore Deviled Egg Pagaent, has generously shared her recipe for "sushi eggs".

In an attempt to convert my invasive thoughts about liverwurst into something creative, I initially planned to make a chicken liver mousse-filled egg and call it "Chicken or the Egg?".  How meta! And that's how I won the "Best Meaty Egg" categor...

Oh! the noble anadromous salmon . . . gifting to your taste buds a chapter from the arduous tale of their seafaring adventures.

Ever wonder why October is the tenth month when the prefix “oct-” means eight (think octopus). Thank that dic-tator, Julius Caesar.

Deviled egg recipe inspired by the famous spicy tomato cocktail, the Blood Mary.

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